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Positive energy is infectious!

When you wake up around midnight to start your workday, being perpetually tired sort of becomes a way of life.

I survived my morning show anchor days with a lot of black coffee and daily #TeamNoSleep rituals like commercial-break dances!

This lovely behind-the-scenes video was captured on one of those fun mornings. Our technical director would play fun music during our commercial breaks and I could usually be found doing something silly like this to make our sleepy crew laugh while pumping myself up!

Working in TV News is stressful. I was always trying to bring levity to newsrooms I worked in and though it didn't always land well with every co-worker, most of them appreciated it and in fact, some actually needed the laugh and smile it produced.

Moral of this short story? Never be afraid to be your goofy self! You never know who needs your positive energy!

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